One of my first goals at Arthur D. Little was to revitalize our brand image and demonstrate that we still had the acumen for technology innovation and product development.

Creating a Brand Takeover at a Business Innovation Conference

Arthur D. Little’s roots were in innovation. Pragmatic science and discovery were its first businesses. But the firm jumped on the boom of management consulting and extended its brand as a business consultancy. Most of our customers forgot that we continued to develop new products and research new technologies.

I was the senior marketing professional reporting to the Senior Vice President of Arthur D. Little’s Technology & Innovation division. It was my responsibility to keep our technology brand strong. So, I launched a campaign to refresh our technology brand and regain awareness  of our division’s work.

To begin the buzz, we sponsored a Business Conference event and branded it as our own.  Our efforts to invite industry leaders to speak at the event helped remind key players of our significant discoveries and new product developments.

During the conference Arthur D. Little innovation signage was everywhere. We created a look for the event that was carried through in invitations, conference programs, posters, introductory slides, breakout sessions, handouts, and follow-up  materials. Our external rebranding campaign was launched with a bang.