In the mid-1990s developing a website was a major venture into unchartered territories. I championed a site for Arthur D. Little's Technology & Innovation business as a "cool" approach to showcase the full breath of our technology offering.

Building a Website to Showcase a Business Unit

Arthur D. Little developed a corporate website showcasing its prominent management consulting business. In the late 1990s, such sites were relatively new and built like online brochures. Unfortunately, the corporate site did little to showcase the company’s other divisions.

I was responsible for all marketing for our Technology & Innovation (T&I) division. T&I developed new breakthroughs in physical sciences and consulted on technology assessment and direction. We needed our own site that was aligned with the corporate brand to showcase our services. I led a team of designers and outside programmers to develop a full site devoted to our innovation work. We had pages on our products and services, testimonials, as well as ways to contact us for more information.

The coolest part of the site was a virtual tour of our laboratories. We developed a graphic layout of our facilities complete with avatars walking the corridors. Clicking on any of the labs brought up a video that showcased our work in that area.

The website was a huge success, both with customers who could now see the full range of services we provided, as well as with staff, who walked a little taller and were so proud of the work we could showcase.