I wore many hats during my Arthur D. Little tenure, providing both marketing and publicity strategy and execution. We earned some great media hits by hooking our work to current news stories.

Publicizing Arthur D. Little’s Technology Services

The Technology & Innovation (T&I) division of Arthur D. Little developed very cool new products and undertook forward-thinking research. I was in charge of all marketing activities for the division and often used publicity as a way to showcase our work and get the word out about our product development services. These stories ranged from healthy food alternatives to new energy technologies, from how to evaluate intellectual property at a company to the top 10 technological advances for the year.

I’ve showcased just some of our stories here.

  • Our food developers and sensory teams did tremendous work in phytochemicals and healthy foods, some of which are on today’s grocery shelves. The video clip below is from Fox News.
  • Our engineers redesigned and developed a streamlined wheelchair for the 100th running of the Boston Marathon.  This pro bono work helped one marathoner excel in his Boston Marathon race. The video clip below is from Boston’s Channel 5.
  • During the anthrax scare, we showcased developments in new foams and technologies to clean infected areas.  The video clip below is from NBC Nightly News.
  • We often appeared in trade publications such as this story about why product development often fails which appeared in Industry Week’s Technology & Innovation issue.

One of our publicity stories made international news, was mentioned by President Clinton in a televised speech and spawned a new company.  Learn more about our breakthrough fuel cell technology.