I led a team to develop creative materials to support the launch of Monster SeeMore, a new product incorporating new search technology. Our goal was to create materials as cool of the technology itself.

Launching Monster SeeMoreTM

When Monster extended its semantic search technology to a cloud platform, it created a unique product to help customers see more of their talent pools. Named Monster SeeMore, the company hired a specialized sales team to help sell the new product. My team needed to develop online and offline tools that were as cool and unique as the product itself.

First, we developed an online sales kit which reflected the value propositions of the new product. The main goals of the online kit included:

  • Non-linear presentation: We wanted the presenting Sales team member to be able to showcase any of the main value props in any order to help react to live customer conversations
  • Compatible with PC and tablet platforms: Sales team members could present from an iPad in 1:1 settings or from a PC.
  • Hit the mark with all three buying constituents: Our Sales team members would need to present to HR, IT, and the C-suite. We also wanted the kit to be used not only by our Sales team, but by internal champions in the customer’s organization.  This kit would be accessible from a public-facing URL.
  • Customer friendly: We wanted the kit to be simple to use so our customer champions could present the key benefits of the product to stakeholders to gain internal buy-in.
  • Be used globally: The launch of Monster SeeMore in the US would be followed by a roll out in other nations.  We would mirror the pages and modify them for regional nuances or local languages.

The result was an online sales tool kit that showcased the key benefits of this product.








Next, we developed a landing page for use with email and direct mail campaigns. The goal of the page was to “tease” the product and generate leads. The landing page highlighted a video created by the Monster Brand team and reflected the same value messages we used in the online sales kit.  It also included media quotes from our publicity launch.











We also developed traditional collateral that could be printed and taken to trade shows or events.


These materials, together with email programs and publicity efforts by my colleagues, helped generate millions of dollars of Sales in year one of the product’s release.