Our sales teams needed interactive materials to accelerate pipeline. My team delivered.

Reinventing Sales Brochures

Imagine. You are in sales and with a customer. You have a presentation deck and take them through the set of products you think will best meet their needs. During your meeting, you realize that there are other solutions that could also help them. You also realize some of the products you selected may be slightly off target. Unfortunately, a presentation deck is linear and you are stuck talking to your materials. Without an engaging, interactive tool, you simply can’t easily present solutions that you had not anticipated, leaving revenue on the table.

Go back a few steps. Perhaps during your initial discussions with the customer you could use materials that allowed you to showcase different products, depending on the discussion. With one click, you could move anywhere in a product catalog and discuss the value of various alternatives. When the meeting is over, you now have a clear understanding of the product offerings that form the right solution for this customer.

Welcome to online materials meant to engage, excite, and up sell customers. At Monster, we developed several online materials that showcased our core products. In our jobs brochure, a sales representative could easily show the flexibility of Monster Job Postings. During a discussion, the rep could click to enhancements that met a customer’s needs and up-sell a better solution. Our online media brochure showcased all our media products and allowed the sales rep to go to the ones that best attracted the candidates needed by the customer.

In both cases, the sales rep was able to have a nonlinear presentation of capabilities that mapped to the ongoing customer conversation.  The sales rep was empowered to showcase full solutions and discuss broader options. The result is solutions that better match customer objectives while increasing Monster revenue.