My team developed a video to open sales meetings, loop at tradeshows, and send to former Monster customers. Sales teams loved showing the upbeat video that always featured new innovations.

Presenting Innovation as a Differentiator

Innovation. It is a core Monster value. As the world of work changes and the online recruitment space undergoes dynamic shifts, Monster.com uses innovation to stay ahead of its competitors and help its customers meet their business goals.

The idea of this video was to help Sales showcase Monster’s new products and services to both current customers—where they wanted to increase wallet spend—and to prospects including win back customers. The idea: If you haven’t talked to Monster about its latest innovations, you don’t know Monster today.

The video was widely successful with Sales. Links to the online version of the video was included in prewritten “Since you’ve been gone” emails to encourage former customers to re-engage with Monster. With so much always changing at Monster, we updated this video every 6-9 months to showcase new innovations and products.