Sometimes you need an outside voice to help organize plans and be a sounding board for new strategies.

Crafting the Accellent Strategic Marketing Plan

As a consultant to this medical device manufacturer, I was a strong, independent voice helping craft the annual marketing plan. With strategies and ideas from marketing leadership, I assembled and edited the final plan that was delivered to executive management.

Unlike the 2005 plan, the 2006 Marketing Plan focused on strategy and actions rather than research and reference material.  The plan was divided into related sections which gave the reader a good understanding of the background and markets Accellent participated in, its corporate strategy, divisional marketing strategy and the proposed promotion and repositioning strategy.  The plan’s primary objectives were to:

  • Give the reader a basic understanding of the Accellent Marketing Strategy for 2006
  • Familiarize the reader with the new strategy of Divisional marketing focus
  • Outline the larger trends in the medical device outsourcing market including growth, competition and risks
  • Review some of the key strategic initiatives and the tactics being implemented to support them