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Plans, programs, campaigns, projects, events and more. These samples showcase just some of my work.

Google Search180x225

Driving Website Traffic with SEO Strategies

I champion our search engine optimization strategies for In 2017, attention to SEO led to a double digit increase in organic traffic to our website.

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Windfarm Maintenance 1226x520

Launching the GE Digital Website

I led the creation of the GE Digital website, representing a new division of GE created to showcase the GE brand as a Digital Industrial with a mighty software development arm.

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Spot The Difference 180x225 2

Creating a Digital Presence for a Major Broadcast Media Campaign

All assets are created equal. Until they aren’t. I led a cross-business team to develop a series of web pages in just three weeks time to support a major broadcast media program.

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Ge Automation 180x225

Building an Innovative, Responsive Website

GE Intelligent Platforms needed a website that was innovative in its design, easy to navigate on desktop and mobile and simple to maintain. The site had to be engaging, help visitors find what they needed, and create clear calls to action for engagement. I led the team that built this website.

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Youtube Growth 180x225

Gaining and Connecting with Followers

Even in the industrial B2B space, we proved the power of social marketing.

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Ge Ip Blog 180x225

Establishing a Blog Community

Blogging is one of the best ways to extend thought leadership in digital. I created the strategy and led the execution of the GE Intelligent Platforms blog. The blog captured 2,000 subscribers and drove more than 2,200 visits a month. It won a BtoB Content Marketing Best Award.

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Improve Sales 180x225

Teaching Digital Strategies to Sales

Check out this video I created to summarize a Sales "Boot Camp" training session. The goal: teaching our international Sales teams and global channel partners how to extend our marketing be leveraging our new digital platforms.

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Applying Social Media 180x225

Applying Social Media to B2B Solutions Marketing

What is the impact of social media on solutions marketing? I participated in a panel of experts to discuss the results of a study of 100 global B2B organizations.

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Twitter Geip 180x225

Entering the Twittersphere

When I joined GE Intelligent Platforms, I worked to align our social channels and promote our digital presence. Nay sayers tried over and over to explain to me that industrial customers weren't on social. Twitter? Are you kidding? Our Twitter followers numbered almost 7,000 within 3 years.

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Interactive Graphics

Engaging the Digital Visitor

Digital marketing is all about stickiness. How can you encourage the user to stay longer on your site? How can you get them to learn more, Find out more? Imagine themselves using your products?

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Product Finder 180x225

Helping Web Visitors Quickly Find the Products They Need

The GE Intelligent Platforms website is visited by engineers, technical managers and technical procurement specialists. To help these visitors find precisely what they are searching for, we added a Product Finder to the website providing fast, easy, reduced-click navigation.

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Ezines 180x225

Redefining the White Paper

Online white papers scream “PRINT ME.” Digital demands graphic documents with easy share buttons. Visitors like concise, clean text with charts and graphs that tell a story. I revised our online white paper content to digital formats with strong headlines, clear calls to action.

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