Our executive forums were great networking events. Local experts and customers attended to hear about new innovations or best practices, have some coffee, and catch up with our teams and each other. We capitalized on these efficient in-person times to stay close to customers and learn more about prospects.

Presenting Arthur D. Little Executive Forums

During my tenure at Arthur D. Little, we hosted executive forums and invitation-only roundtables where we shared the floor with technology leaders and business executives from our target industries. Some of the events were held over a few days; others were half day events with local participants. Discussions were facilitated by Arthur D. Little experts and scientists.  My role was to help set the stage for these activities and invite our participants. I also developed follow-up strategy and materials.

We took these discussions to the press, showcasing trends and challenges from industry leaders. We also built products and services around the challenges we heard, better understanding what our customers needed. Participants enjoyed the rich discussions as well as the networking opportunities and the insights provided by Arthur D. Little and their peers.

I look back on these events with a smile. They were fun, successful, and great ways for our executives and managers to  build customer and industry relationships. Guests would often come early, just to network with their peers.  I remember scrambling during one set-up to get coffee when several invitees showed up more than an hour early to network. The events were a win-win for all involved.