To support a new brand message, my team created a compelling value message in a digital medium.

Building a Corporate Value Proposition

Monster evolved from its job board roots to a robust talent management provider.  During this transition, the company’s value proposition and messaging changed and Sales needed to walk the new talk.  Working together with Sales and Product, Marketing enriched the value proposition and I translated this statement into an online sales tool kit. The goal of the online tool was to ensure that we had one Monster message being delivered to our customers, strengthening our brand and selling Monster’s full suite of products and services.

Kit functionality included:

  • An online experience and the ability to run offline
  • Non-linear navigation; the reader could choose where to go next
  • Hoovers and deep dive text to further engage customers
  • Inclusion of “sizzle” materials such as videos

The online kit was rolled out at a Global Sales Conference and again during in-person training.  A standard PowerPoint with full annotated talk tracks accompanied the kit for training purposes.

Click to experience the digital value Sales tool