I led the relaunch of the GE Intelligent Platforms website. We built an innovative, responsive site that generated high engagement, averaging 70,000 visits a month. The new site accelerated the sales process while being easy to maintain.

Building an Innovative, Responsive Website

The GE Intelligent Platforms website, ge-ip.com, was ancient by web standards. Built on a customized platform, the site used 8-year old technology, was not responsive for mobile users, and lacked the foundation to build higher functionality. We needed a site that was innovative in its design, easy to navigate on desktop and mobile and simple to maintain with related materials loaded/updated once but used throughout the site. The site had to be engaging, help visitors find what they needed, and create clear calls to action.

I led the team that transformed this site.

Some of the many successes:

  • Simplifying the URL:  From ge-ip.com to geautomation.com
  • Changing the focus: From company centric to customer centric
  • Creating a more maintainable web admin: Upload/update materials once and appear throughout the site
  • Encouraging cross-sell opportunities: From product pages that were “end pages” to “more like this”
  • Adding more educational and thought leadership materials: Blogs, e-zines and micro sites to engage visitors
  • Humanizing the approach: From Contact Us forms to How can we help you?  and self-help materials
  • Updating the technology: From static to responsive with mobile first designs