During my leadership at GE Intelligent Platforms, we launched social channels, showcasing ideas and innovations. In just 3 years, social became a major channel of communications for us.

Entering the Twittersphere

When I joined GE Intelligent Platforms, I worked to align our social channels and promote our digital presence.  Nah sayers tried over and over to explain to me that industrial customers weren’t on social platforms.  “Twitter,” they said. “Are you kidding?”


Working with our agency, The MX Group, we began tweeting. Our tweets reflected trends, innovations, and themes that were of value to our customers.  Our rule:  80% of our activity on social, including Twitter, should provide value to those that follow us.  We allowed 20% of our tweets to be about us – new product introductions, training courses, GE-hosted events.

The results were significant. Our followers more than doubled and amplified our message.  We drove significant traffic to our commercial website and tracked engagement as these visitors downloaded materials or connected with us.  We promoted our ideas, innovations, and reached out to the technical community. Our marketing efforts in digital reflected our innovative brand and provide new ways to touch the business community.

In November, 2015, we migrated our social strategy to reflect a new direction within GE. @GE_IP followers could continue to follow us with a renamed handle, @geautomation, or follow our software messages at @GE_Digital.