For our highly technical buyers, we developed a product finder. Visitors selected specifications to see matching products, assisting buyers and helping to accelerate sales.

Helping Web Visitors Quickly Find the Products They Need

The profile of the GE Intelligent Platforms website visitor was very technical.  The site was visited by engineers, technical managers and technical procurement specialists.  Some of these individuals had a clear picture of what they are looking for and wanted to hone in on it quickly. Did we sell a communications device with the specifications they needed?

We added a Product Finder to the website for fast, easy, reduced-click navigation.  Technical visitors could select the specifications such as form factor and processor type from drop down lists.  Behind the scenes logic immediately took them to a list of products that match their requirements.

The Product Finder never returned a null set.  The drop down selections changed to ensure the technical visitor always found products to meet their needs.