I led the creation of GE Digital's first website. This new division is the software arm for GE, drawing software solutions from across our global businesses.

Launching the GE Digital Website

GE created GE Digital, a move that brought together all of the digital capabilities from across the company into one organization. GE Digital integrated GE’s Software Center of Excellence (COE), the expertise of GE’s global IT and commercial software teams, and the application development arm of GE Intelligent Platforms (GEIP).  The new division needed a website to support sales of its products, awareness of Predix, its platform for the Industrial Internet, and showcase its digital transformation experience. I led the creation of this site, integrating gesoftware.com, the website of the Software COE, geautomation.com, the website of GEIP, as well as software solutions from across GE’s vast enterprise.

With GE’s annual Minds + Machines conference looming, the project was squeezed into a 3 month timeframe, including selection of a technical partner, a task force to gather information and develop web copy from across GE’s businesses, and an internal IT group to help host the final site. Weekly meetings brought together marketing and digital teams from across GE to discuss software solutions that should be included. The new site would emphasize the scale of GE’s software development teams and explore how software and digital transformation were critical to win in today’s business environment.

Countless questions were addressed including:

  • Technical:
    • How to win in search in B2B software search
    • Linkages between the new GE Digital site and GE divisional websites
    • Engagement mechanisms–from videos to downloads
    • Integration with marketing automation software and salesforce.com, our sales platform
    • Redirect strategies to maintain web authority from previous websites
    • Link strategies to pass on the domain authority from ge.com
    • Web tracking and analytics
    • Contact mechanisms, lead scoring and sales acceleration
  • Content:
    • Messaging for each industry
    • Editorial calendars and blog authors
    • Storytelling and downloadable materials
    • Agreement among divisions on content approach and strategy
    • Social strategies and platforms
  • Design:
    • New UX/UI
    • Integration or replacement of ge.com designs
    • Innovative and responsive site
    • Easily maintainable by non-designers

With 3 weeks left to go, the decision was made to host the site on the ge.com domain, reinforcing GE’s new brand message of becoming a “Digital Industrial.” New navigation was developed to integrate the two previously separate sites.  The push was on for final content, design and materials. New documents and videos were in final stages of completion to be ready for the Minds + Machines event.

The site launched very late, or very early on Saturday morning, depending on your time zone.  Changes were deployed as soon as new content was available. The conference began the following Wednesday. The announcement of GE Digital was reinforced by this brand new, innovative website.  Check out the new site in the video.