I led the transition of Monster's traditional sales materials from print to online. Check out one of our interactive brochures, the Monster Hallway.

Animating Monster’s Product Portfolio

Monster is a leader in the online industry. The company was one of the first 500 websites launched. However, when I joined the firm, our Sales teams were still using traditional printed collateral to assist sales efforts. Printed pieces can be beautiful and are great leave-behind materials. But, Monster was an online leader and I felt strongly that our Sales teams needed to use innovative, online programs to sell our services–programs that were as cool as our brand.

Welcome to the Monster Online Product Hallway – Click Here

Using Flash technology, we created 2-minute clips of some of our champion products. These were then incorporated into an interactive design so Sales team members or customers could select the product they wanted to hear about. Sales used these clips in meetings and we incorporated the full hallway into our trade show booth using touch screen technology. The project was developed with Brand Content, our Boston-based agency team.