This integrated program helped reset Monster's market image after the company's acquisition of Yahoo!HotJobs.

Reaffirming Monster’s Market Leadership

Monster made a bold move in 2010, acquiring Yahoo! HotJobs, a key competitor.  The combined entity re-affirmed Monster’s market leadership position in North America. Additional traffic agreements with Yahoo! established the company as Yahoo!’s provider of jobs and career opportunities in the US and Canada and key markets in South America. When web surfers select “Jobs” on the Yahoo! homepage in these markets, they are directed to the appropriate local language site for Monster.

Sales support materials needed to be as bold as the business move.  Using a “We are Number 1” theme, I developed the strategy and executed presentation materials, collateral, and pre-written emails to help our sales teams spread the word. Using simple iconic graphics, the materials created a family of support tactics. I presented the materials and their messaging to Sales leadership across North America and rolled the materials out to our 700+ Sales team members.  I also created targeted materials to help former Yahoo! HotJobs customers understand the additional value they would receive from the combined company.