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Plans, programs, campaigns, projects, events and more. These samples showcase just some of my work.


Creating a Brand Takeover at a Business Innovation Conference

I needed to relaunch Arthur D. Little's innovation message and be top of mind with industry leaders. Our sponsorship of a Business Conference event began the relaunch with a powerful punch.

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Publicizing Arthur D. Little’s Technology Services

Publicity is a great way to gain credibility as reliable, third parties sing your praises.

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Presenting Arthur D. Little Executive Forums

Leaders lead. At Arthur D. Little, we held executive forums and roundtables to drive the conversation and listen to the market.

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Revitalizing Arthur D. Little’s Brand

To help a division "walk the talk" of their new brand positioning, I delivered extensive brand training for everyone, from workers to executives, from finance to engineers.

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Crafting the Accellent Strategic Marketing Plan

As a consultant to this medical device manufacturer, I was a strong, independent voice. I assembled and edited the final strategic marketing plan that was delivered to executive management.

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Developing Corporate Videos

As a consultant to this medical device manufacturer, I developed corporate videos to solidify the Accellent brand and promote the company's main products and services.

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Managing Key Clients

I was a member of three-person team responsible for a $1.5M program to build and strengthen relationships with the firm’s largest clients.

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Earning Global Media Coverage With a Technology Breakthrough

When Arthur D. Little’s technology division successfully demonstrated the ability to create hydrogen from gasoline under the hood of a car, allowing for fuel cells to replace an internal combustion engine, we struck hard on the publicity front. The result was global coverage and the birth of a new company.

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Reflecting Arthur D. Little’s Brand

I updated the marketing materials for the Technology & Innovation (T&I) division of Arthur D. Little with a clean, professional look that reflected its revitalized brand image.

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Building a Website to Showcase a Business Unit

In the mid-1990s developing a website was a big project. I championed this innovative site as a "cool" approach to showcase the full breath of our technology offering.

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Crafting a Marketing Plan for DRI/McGraw-Hill’s 25th Anniversary Year

DRI/McGraw-Hill's 25th anniversary was a great excuse to reinvigorate our brand with customers and prospects.

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